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From Bloat to Bliss E-book

From Bloat to Bliss E-book

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Julia Ericson is a Gut, Constipation, and 8 year Nutrition Expert who shares her natural personal solution to diminish constipation & bloating issues for readers - to help them see results within the first few weeks. 

Ebook Includes:

50 of my unique delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Dessert, recipes for amazing healthy digestion
- How to set up your plate for each meal 
- Examples of balanced meals 
- The best cooking method
- How to feel before & after eating
- What time of day to eat
- Shopping Tips
- How to make meals exciting
- Tips to order out at restaurants
- Key Rules to fight Constipation & Bloat 
- How to maintain a bloat & constipation-free gut for life 


This book could be a game-changer for anyone suffering from chronic constipation, smelly gas,& bloating.... with a deliciously convenient road map to keep you happy, energetic, and bloat-free.” 

 Can't poop every day? Bloated? Julia Ericson, a 8 year Holistic Nutrition expert, and knows something many doctors don’t: every constipated & bloated gut is a underlaying root cause for undigested food getting stuck in your system. That’s why Julia reveals how to fix your gut in her ebook: From Bloat to Bliss.

Julia Ericson has successfully helped her clients accurately describe their symptoms. She shares the simple eating treatment that you readers can start for rapid and lasting relief. She takes her experienced-based approach to tackling belly bloat & constipation where with gut issues will greatly value and appreciate.

If readers need direct support, they are welcome to contact Julia through her "Bloat to Bliss Accountability Group" where she lays out her gut & kitchen practices to put an end to bloating & constipation for good.

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